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Headline data

Source: Statistics Canada

Geographical Area: Canada

Unit of Measurement: Percentage

The table below contains more information regarding the indicator.

Indicator name

Proportion of households in core housing need


No specific target

Indicator description

This indicator measures the proportion of household that lives in core housing need.

Core housing need refers to whether a private household's housing falls below at least one of the indicator thresholds for housing adequacy, affordability or suitability, and would have to spend 30% or more of its total before-tax income to pay the median rent of alternative local housing that is acceptable (attains all three housing indicator thresholds).

Unaffordable housing has shelter costs equal to 30% or more of total before-tax household income.

Unsuitable housing does not have enough bedrooms for the size and composition of resident households according to the National Occupancy Standard (NOS).

Inadequate housing is reported by their residents as requiring major repairs.

Geographical coverage


Unit of measurement



Number of households in core housing need divided by all households for each category.

Comments and limitations

The target population is the population of Canada's 10 provinces excluding residents of institutions, members of the Canadian Forces living in military camps and people living on Indian reserves.

Given that the non-binary population is small, data aggregation to a two-category gender variable is sometimes necessary to protect the confidentiality of responses provided. In these cases, individuals in the category "non-binary person" are distributed into the other two gender categories and the categories are denoted by the + symbol.

"Men+" includes men and boys, as well as some non-binary persons. "Women+" includes women and girls, as well as some non-binary persons.

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