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Indicator name

Frequency of selected natural disasters


No specific target

Indicator description

This indicator measures the frequency of selected natural disasters as defined by the Canadian Disaster Database.

Geographical coverage


Unit of measurement



The Canadian Disaster Database tracks significant disaster events that conform to the Emergency Management Framework for Canada's definition of a disaster and meet one or more of the following criteria:
* 10 or more people killed
* 100 or more people affected/injured/infected/evacuated or homeless
* an appeal for national/international assistance
* historical significance
* significant damage/interruption of normal processes such that the community affected cannot recover on its own. (Public Safety Canada)

Comments and limitations

It is important to note that the Canadian Disaster Database may not be suitable for comparative analysis because of differences in jurisdictional responsibilities, the type of data that is available, and how it is collected and used over time.

The information contained in the Canadian Disaster Database is based on information that is sourced from outside parties and may not be accurate and should therefore be interpreted with caution. (Public Safety Canada)

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