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As 2030 approaches, Statistics Canada, in collaboration with key partners and stakeholders, will continue to play a critical role in ensuring that policy makers, civil society, the private sector and Canadians have high-quality information to monitor and assess Canada’s progress toward the SDGs. The key to success in measuring Canada’s trajectory towards the SDGs will be to remain focused on the use of statistically robust data.

This page contains information on various products related to sustainable development.

SDG Fact Sheets

The fact sheets include short, focused information and statistics relating to each of the SDGs, as well as a community spotlight section that features the work done by Canada’s non-profit organizations and charities.

SDG Data Hub

The SDG Data Hub for the Global indicators has been developed as a one-stop online destination that will present Canadians with access to statistical indicators to help track Canada’s progress in meeting its commitment to Agenda 2030.

Human Activity and the Environment

Human Activity and the Environment is an annual publication that focuses on a current environmental issue. The latest information and statistics are gathered from many sources to produce an in-depth analytical article.