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Headline data

Source: Statistics Canada

Geographical Area: Canada and provinces

Unit of Measurement: Number

The table below contains more information regarding the indicator.

Indicator name

Median hourly wage ratio


No specific target

Indicator description

This indicator measures the gender wage ratio. The gender wage ratio can be interpreted as the proportion of a dollar that women earn for every dollar earned by men.

Geographical coverage

Canada and provinces

Unit of measurement



The gender wage ratio is the wage for women divided by the wage for men. Alternatively, the gender wage ratio can be subtracted from one and then multiplied by 100, such that it represents, when positive, how much less women earn than men in percentage terms (or, in the case of a negative percentage, how much more women earn than men).

Comments and limitations

Excluded from the coverage are: persons living on reserves and other Aboriginal settlements in the provinces; full-time members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the institutionalized population, and households in extremely remote areas with very low population density. These groups together represent an exclusion of less than 2% of the Canadian population aged 15 and over.

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