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Headline data

Source: Statistics Canada

Geographical Area: Canada (excluding territories), provinces and selected cities

Unit of Measurement: 2020 constant dollars

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Indicator name

Median household after-tax income


No specific target

Indicator description

This indicator measures the median after-tax income. The concept of income covers income received while a resident of Canada or as relevant for income tax purposes in Canada.

Geographical coverage

Canada (excluding territories), provinces and selected cities

Unit of measurement

2020 constant dollars


Market income is the sum of earnings (from employment and net self-employment), net investment income, private retirement income, and the items under other income. It is also called income before taxes and transfers. Total income refers to income from all sources including government transfers and before deduction of federal and provincial income taxes. It may also be called income before tax (but after transfers). After-tax income is total income less income tax.

Comments and limitations

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