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Headline data

Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Geographical Area: Canada

Unit of Measurement: Percentage

The table below contains more information regarding the indicator.

Indicator name

Proportion of innovation in environment-related technology


No specific target

Indicator description

The indicator measures the proportion of patents in environment-related technology out of the total number of patents.

Geographical coverage


Unit of measurement



A five-year moving average was used to smooth for election and policy impacts that could affect the data during a specific year.

Comments and limitations

Patents are subject to certain drawbacks: the value distribution of patents is skewed as many patents have no industrial application (and hence are of little value to society) whereas a few are of substantial value; many inventions are not patented because they are not patentable or inventors may protect the inventions using other methods, such as secrecy, lead time, etc.; the propensity to patent differs across countries and industries; differences in patent regulations make it difficult to compare counts across countries; and changes in patent law over the years make it difficult to analyse trends over time. (OECD Stat)

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