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Headline data

Source: Statistics Canada

Geographical Area: Canada

Unit of Measurement: Number

The table below contains more information regarding the indicator.

Indicator name

Jobs in the clean technology products sector


Achieve a 8% growth in jobs in the clean technology products sector by March 31, 2024

Indicator description

This indicator measures the number of jobs that are attributable to environmental and clean technology activity.

Geographical coverage


Unit of measurement


Comments and limitations

Environmental and clean technology is defined as any process, product or service that reduces environmental impacts through any of the following three strategies: environmental protection activities that prevent, reduce or eliminate pollution or any other degradation of the environment; resource management activities that result in the more efficient use of natural resources, thus safeguarding against their depletion; or the use of goods that have been adapted to be significantly less energy or resource intensive than the industry standard.

Does not include self-employment. The data for 2018 and 2019 are preliminary.

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